Plum's 'Brother' Range

Size: 1 - 4y
Price: $22.95 - $44.95

PLUM’S new range has a European influence and is fresh but traditional with exquisite attention to detail. Inspiration has come from:  vintage prints,  table linens and French nautical the designs combine original modern graphics with cool retro shapes and clean colourful prints.

Eternal Creation

Size: Baby NB - 36months, Children 2 -12y
Price: $10.95 - $89.95.

The Eternal Creation Spring Summer showcases fair trade fashion at its best. With Handmade high quality cottons, in bright summer colours and prints, this collection is a celebration of life and energy.



Gypsy Kids

Size:1 - 5yr.
Price: $29.95 to $69.95.

The Gypsy Kids collection this season is all about mixing and matching comfortable, stylish garments that can be co-ordinated to wear when the weather is still a little cool and or when the sun shines.  Classic stripes, soft denim, bold prints and easy-care linen for boys and girls, and sweet embroidered cheesecloth and pastel coloured jeans just for the girls.



Mini Treasure Kids

Sizes: 0 - 14y
Price $50.00 - $150.00
Available: Now

Unearthing this season's treasures, Mini Treasure Kids delivers elegance, style and grace for girls, and charm, simplicity and refinement for the boys, with an intricate mix of fabrics, colours and detail.



New Generals

Sizes: 0 - 10y
Available: Now

Quirky detailing and crisp graphics remain at the core of the New Generals signature look. New Generals is unashamedly fashion cool yet uses GOTS certified organic materials, giving them the edge they call ‘ethicool’.

Fred Bare

Sizes: Boys and Girls: 0 - 10y, Baby Range: 0-3m to 18-24m
Available: Now

With their passion for fashion, music and Art, it is not hard to see where Fred Bare continue to gather their inspiration. Celebrating 20 years in Childrenswear, Fred Bare channels some bohemian chic in their Spring Summer collection.




Sizes: Boys and Girls: 0 - 10y, Baby Range: 0-3m to 18-24m
Available: Now




Sizes: Girls and Boys 0 - 12 years, Infants range: 0-3m to 12-18m
Available: Now





Sizes: 0 - 8y (size options vary dependent on style)
Price: $5.95 - $69.95

Let you child's imagination run wild with this gorgeous collection which mixes vibrant colour, fun design and a touch of whimsy. Oobi passion for letting children be children shines through once again! Scroll down for one of their brilliant new summer looks - seen first here on KFR!

Heavenly Creatures

Sizes: 1 - 8
Price: $32.00 - $82.00

Heavenly Creatures delivers a beautiful, wistful, reincarnation of a 70’s Folk Festival. Allowing a magical colour palette to shape this story.  Evocative images of fields of sunflowers, the distant tunes of ‘Here comes the sun’ carried on the breeze.




Sizes: 000-2 toddler 3-7  teen 8-12
Price: $20.00 - $65.00
Ouch Summer 2012 brings cheerful, vibrant and irresistibly charming style. This season the Ouch childwears old school beats, floral fancies, dreamlike graphics, south beach surf, classic jogging and an abundant of checks and stripes. All garments are fresh and full of creative detail, brightened up by fantastic sunny prints in a myriad of colours and styles.




Sizes 0 to 7
Price: Starting from $32.95

The SOSOOKI children’s collections are individual and stylish and reflect the innocence of youth. The collection makes dressing up fun for boys and girls. With this latest range the kids will be rushing to the closet and there will be no ‘sooking’ when it’s time to get ready.




SOOKIbaby breaks the mould of boring baby-wear, with unconventional designs, quirky style and funky motifs. No more predictable pastels and twee clothing here! Just cool pieces to stand out from the crowd.

Sizes: 000 to 2
Price: Starting from $16.95




Bebe by Minihaha

Bebe is going classic this season with a divine new collection that’s as sweet as pie! Their extensive range includes clothing, matching accessories like hats, beanies, rattle toys, booties, wraps and sleeping bags.

Sizes: 0 - 24 months
Available: Now



eeni meeni miini moh

Combining a rich colour palette, with all-over pretty prints, stripes and bold graphics, spring summer combines vintage inspiration with a modern twist.

Sizes: eeni meeni miini moh 0-5years, e3-M 2-14years, infant collection 0-24 months
Available: Now




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