Easter Goodies

For Easter gifts that last


For gorgeous Easter goodies that will long out last the chocolate eggs, why not try some of these little treasures? With bunnies, chickens, Easter hats and pyjamas you will be spoilt for choice.


1. SKIP HOP Hare baby comb & brush set $20.00 www.skiphop.com
2. Alex and Ant Princess Bunny Drink Flask $16.95 www.tinywardrobe.com.au
3. Four in the Bed boy’s Pyjamas $49.95 www.fourinthebed.com.au
4. Huggalugs Hugbunny Orchid Beanie $ 24.95 www.huggalugs.com.au
5. Baby Rabbit Night Light  Price: $17.00 www.downtothewoods.com.au
6. 3 Sprouts Chicken organic Hooded towel $39.95 www.boutiquebrands.com.au
7. Kate Finn Bunny Cameo Squeaker$9.95 www.monkeycaboose.com.au
8. Beatrix Little Kid Backpack - Esther (Bunny) NZD $59.90 www.bubbalooz.co.nz
9. Bubble and Squeak Wide Brimmed Hat $17.00 (now NZD $8.50) www.bubbleandsqueak.net.nz
10. Woodland bunnies ice pole moulds (set of 6) Price: $14.95 www.rudyandthedodo.com.au
11. Wallaboo Zouf Blue $24.95 www.kiekaboo.com.au
12. Bunny - Mia Lilac Hearts NZ$17.00 www.bambina.co.nz
13. 'Jane' daisy cinnamon linen rabbit Price : AUD 45.00 www.andthelittledoglaughed.com.au
14. British Soldier Egg Cup And Toast Cutter Price: $24.95 www.larkmade.com.au
15. Scoops Design Shatterproof Rabbit Family Mirrors $60.00 www.scoopsdesign.com.au

Posted 20.3.12

 Valentines Day

Finds You Will Love

With Valentines day around the corner why not spoil the one you love! Whether they be big or small we have found some little (and big) treasures to make your loved ones day both fun and special.


A. Add a bit of love to your nursery with the Heart Tree by 41 Orchard.
AUD $120.00 6 colour combinations 1.2m tall x 1m wide

B. Spread the love with this Shape-cut engagement ring by Invite Me. Perfect for bridal showers, hen's and engagement parties - even weddings! Comes with a magnet on the reverse.
Price p/card: $3.75 Minimum buy: 10 cards

C. Kiss Kiss - Fun and funky Huggalugs Kisses are a cute and quirky accessory to add to your little one's Valentines day outfit.
$ 15.00

D. Tell the one you love... Twine and Teacups i love you infinity times infinity print

E. Show the love boys... Even if it is for dinosaurs! Alphabet Soup I Heart Dino's T at  Tiny Wardrobe

F. Be greeted every morning with a cheerful 'good morning sunshine'. Sweet Nothing's are the notes you've been meaning to leave.. and hoping to receive. By Love Mae.

G: Send the love in their lunch boxes with this Heart Sandwich Cutter available at Baby’s Got Style

H. Pretty in pink... and a love heart of course! This Minti T-Amo puffed sleeve dress is fab in Fuchsia.

I: Yum Yum! Nothing says Valentine's day like chocolates, and why not spoil the special someone in your life with a gorgeous bouquet from Edible Blooms. Choose from many styles and sizes.
Pictured bouquet NZD $109.00

J. Yes this is what you think it is and we have added it just for fun... The Danacol Heart Car was designed and developed by Asylum. Just picture driving this to the shops for milk and bread! - although we don’t have a price for you we are guessing it may be slightly out of the reach of most gift givers


Posted 1.2.12

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